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Trailer Summary

Launching March 22nd. In Focus is a new podcast from creators Corey Allen and Bill Cornelius that plans on exploring the creative process with creative people. Join us for interviews with other directors, cinematographers, photographers, producers, and so many other great content creators.

Trailer Episode Notes

We’re excited to launch In Focus on March 22nd and hope you’ll join us for the journey!

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Follow In Focus Podcast and our hosts on Instagram: @infocuspod, @austinallen, and @bill.cornelius.

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Trailer Transcript

Corey (00:01):

Hi, I’m Corey.

Bill (00:02):

and I’m Bill.

Corey (00:03):

And together we host the InFocus podcast.

Bill (00:04):

In focus is our new podcast, where we explore the creative process with creative people.

Corey (00:10):

And we’ve got a great lineup of guests to get us started that include directors, cinematographers, photographers, gaffers, producers, and so many more great content creators.

Bill (00:20):

We also have a great weekly program we’re calling film school Friday,

Corey (00:23):

and I love this one. This is our weekly segment where I get to quiz bill to see how much he’s forgotten from his years in film school.

Bill (00:30):

And let me tell you, it’s probably been a lot because that was many, many years ago. If you have guests, you’d love to hear us focus on or topic suggestions for film school Friday, you can send us an email to or connect with us on Instagram at InFocuspod.

Corey (00:48):

We’ll be available wherever you get your podcast fix. And we hope you’ll listen in starting March 22nd.